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Shakyra Reneé is More Than Just a Brand

Shakyra Reneé is a reflection of a young lady who exemplified faith, tenacity, perseverance, and a zeal to live. Shakyra Reneé was an example of dreams coming true. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given 6 months to live. She proved to be a survivor. The power of speaking affirmations proved to be successful. She responded to her family’s love, affection, and encouragement. With a healed heart, smiles, and laughter, Shakyra Reneé lived life to the fullest.

Legacies Live Forever

Shakyra Reneé’s legacy began at the tender age of 16 months when she passed away due to pneumonia.

“I am proud to name this company in honor of my beautiful daughter. She was the epitome of everything a young woman or man desires to be… Bold, Courageous, and Fierce in the face of adversity.”

Dr. Shamonia Wimberly

Founder & Ceo

Dr. Shamonia Wimberly

Shakyra Reneé’s Jewelry Company’s principles of drive, achieving results, not giving up, and inspiring others to simply enjoy life is the firm foundation that has helped us and others to live. We want all our partners to experience that same firm foundation and so we introduce to you the Shakyra Renee’ Jewelry Collection.

Our company’s aim is to serve and help individuals reach their goals, network and generate additional income while enjoying life. Join us as we impact and change lives. Remember, you define success on your own terms. Let us help you do that!

Dr. Wimberly understands the importance of helping individuals achieve their goals. She is a woman intent on leading by example. She is also the founder of Dr. Shamonia Wimberly Ministries, and Wailing Women Pray. Dr. Wimberly has partnered with various direct sales companies for over 32 years and as such made the BOLD move to enter the industry with her first line – “The Shakyra Reneé” Jewelry Collection.

Model Wearing: Marchioness (Onyx) #6004 The Royalty Collection